Open Door offers two different enrollment options to fit the needs of families.

Two-Day or Three-Day?
Currently, we are offering a two or three day session.

2021-2022 Registration for Open Door Preschool

REGISTRATION FEE:  $55.00 (non –refundable)

SNACK FEE:  $35.00* 


*  These two fees are refundable if you withdraw prior to July 31st.  

TWO DAY SESSION  Thursday and Friday

  • 2 day am session   (9:00-11:30)                                                                                      $160.00/month

Download Registration Form PDF

THREE DAY SESSION   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • 3 day am session    (9:00-11:30)                                                                                            $190.00/month

Download Registration Form PDF


Open Door Preschool is a four star parent aware program.  For parents that meet the financial guidelines, complete funding for the program is available. This money is available on a first come, first served basis.  We encourage you to complete the financial forms that pertain to your eligibility.  We are able to offer scholarships through parent aware Pathway I and Pathway II, and on a more limited basis through Open Door.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                            

The school year runs from September through mid-May.

Children must be self-sufficient in their toileting skills.

All applicants must follow and complete the registration procedure and pay the $55.00 non-refundable registration fee.  In addition, there is a $25.00 supply/equipment fee and a $35.00 snack fee. These two fees are due at registration as well but are refunded should you withdraw within the appropriate time line. Upon confirmation your checks will be deposited.  In June, further forms and a tuition request will be e-mailed to enrolled students.  These forms and the first of the nine monthly tuition payments will be due no later than July 31st.  The second tuition payment will be due at orientation in August.  If you cancel registration for any reason after JULY 31st, all payments are forfeited.  You will be responsible for payments #1-4.

Please do not hesitate to contact Marja Steinberg with any questions you may have: