Your child’s birthday will be scheduled to celebrate as close to the actual date/half birthday date as possible. During your child’s birthday celebration, we encourage your child to share special photos/items of significance should they so desire.  We recommend photos of his/her family and perhaps a special object unique to your child and his/her background and traditions.  Due to time restrictions, please only two to three photos and one special item.  In addition, the birthday child is lifted into the air (the number of times being determined by the child’s age). We encourage, whenever possible, a parent to come and celebrate with their child by staying a few moments (be sure to bring your camera!).  This is done immediately following outdoor playtime and takes about 5-10 minutes.  Please let the teacher know whether or not you wish to come in for this celebration.  Some children have enjoyed giving a small gift (e.g. book) to the school to celebrate their day.  If you are interested in donating a gift, please call the teachers for ideas, or see our wish list or everyday diversity books.

Birthday snacks may include a special treat such as cookies or cupcakes. (Cupcakes are recommended as opposed to birthday cakes. )  Please send enough snacks to serve the number of children plus staff. Open Door provides napkins and paper cups. We have serving trays, serving plates or bowls, pitchers, plastic spoons and a can opener. Individual plates are not needed, snacks are served on paper napkins. Our small refrigerator keeps beverages cool, but there is very little room to refrigerate anything else. There is no freezer space.

     We will require 80 oz.  of juice or a gallon of lowfat or skim milk

At orientation you will sign up to bring snacks including  the day of your child’s birthday celebration.  A copy of the snack provider’s schedule is posted on the bulletin board as well as our website.  An asterisk will be placed next to your child’s name indicating the day the birthday celebration will occur. If for some reason you did not sign-up, please contact the parent volunteer coordinator for your class.