It’s 2017-18 Registration time for Open Door Preschool!

Open Door Preschool, located in the basement of St. John’s, will be hosting an upcoming Open House.  Please come and visit.  Enrollment is open to children ages 3-5.  Our Open Houses will be offered: Saturday, August 12th from 9:00-10:00am or Monday, August 14th from 5:30-6:30.  We will be accepting registration at that time. Scholarships are available.

Open Door is a 4 star Parent Aware Program.

Hope to see you there!

Lewis and Anne’s Last Day

The children worked with Anne following directives such as “put the cone on your shoulder…”   Each child really did a great job identifying the shapes and following the directives.  We read The Giving Tree for the story of the day.  The children completed lots and lots of free art projects.  It was a delightful afternoon.

St. Olaf Prairie

Our visit to the prairie included the viewing of the birds eggs, an ongoing science experiment to determine the number of frogs at the prairie, and the snake we saw (thanks to our student guide Wes!)

The Chicks

We have been waiting for the chicks to hatch and they hatched earlier than expected.  We had a total of nine chicks (so far).  The children spent all of Monday watching them in the incubator.  On Tuesday the children spent their day holding them.  It was so much fun for them!  We also were able to release two of the remaining four butterflies now that the weather is warmer.  Unfortunately our frog died.  But this too was a wonderful learning opportunity about the cycle of life.